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We started trying to have a baby not long after we got married in October 2015. Nothing happened. After six months, we both got tested, and Matt learned he had low sperm count and that our only option for having kids would be to try IVF. 

After going through one round of IVF and getting one viable embryo, we decided to do another round — and start a podcast chronicling our journey.

A little bit about us: Matt has been doing podcasts almost since podcasts existed — he's a co-host on Nerdist, James Bonding, FEAB, and Talk Salad & Scrambled Eggs, and has been a guest on more podcasts than he cares to remember. He currently works as a writer on ABC's The Goldbergs.

Doree is a senior writer at BuzzFeed News, where she writes about tech and startups in Los Angeles. Her novel Startup was published in April 2017. You may buy it here, and you may learn more about Doree at her personal website.

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